Territory of the Winner

Although it is a bit late writing about this work, I feel it is important, as it is one of the milestones for me as an art practitioner. The official opening was on 20th September 2014, which is sponsored by Alliance fran├žaise de delhi, Gurgaon Centre:   S-24/8 DLF Phase III, Gurgaon, Haryana - 1122001.  

Opening day of Exhibition
The idea of the exhibition was to create and showcase works representing the Changing Landscape 
of Gurgaon and National Capital Region. The seeds of this work are hidden in the philosophical ideas of life, death and reality, and this get confirmed when this quote is read: 

 for whom the whole world was not sufficient.
A tomb now suffices him
- Alexander the

  Based on these ideas I executed an interactive art in HCU named 'Dargah-e-Ayenaah'.When it comes to the ‘Territory of the Winner’, all these ideas are fused together. When I was thinking about the landscape and changes that happened in Gurgaon, I just felt one thing - 'We are digging our own grave' in the name of development. So I created a city landscape as grave and placed the most common element of city on it - The Cars. The bigger the car you have, the more successful you are. I am not saying this. It is a massively accepted notion nowadays. How big your home is, which car you drive, which brand you wear, and all. People judge you through this only. 

Making the 'Territory of the Winner'
So writing, Winner with cars on the grave is purely a comment. And of course, as far as the execution part is concerned I made every on looker as a winner using the same technique that I used for the 'Dargah-e-Ayenaah', live capturing them through a smart phone's wireless camera and projecting them on the grave with the help of a monitor.  

viewers can see themselves as 'Winner' in the monitor
At the end I would like to thanks Vasanthi Gupta, Head of Alliance fran├žaise de delhi, Gurgaon Centre, for giving me this opportunity to showcase my works.

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