The Fatalist's Game

'The Fatalist Game' is a video art with the philosophical comment on the uncontrolled situations in today’s so called developed societies. Think any of them and you are connected with this video. The game blocks used in this video act as a sign of situations which happen in the lives of all of us where we feel helpless. Often these situations are beyond our control. In such moments we either accept the situation or fight it. But in both cases results are negligible during the lifespan of a person (which is even much shorter now a day). 

In the globalized world the consumerism has created a situation of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, and also this system is using up natural resources as if they are never going to deplete. When I see this situation, as an artist, I feel that this situation is beyond my control or anybody's control. Fighting with this problem is of no use as they say this product is for the betterment of humanity and that product too and so on. But I can’t accept this situation completely because I am not able to breath fresh air. Today I am suffering minor allergies from dust and smoke. Tomorrow it can be major, who would be responsible then? What if I would not be able to afford to get my major allergies repaired??? 

They say cars are necessary for comfortable drive but I am not even able to drive bike safely, not even a bicycle. Then who would decide what is enough and when??? These are just small examples. It’s not about me and my problems or about my affordability about things. When I think as a human I feel it is about all of us. We have to decide what we need and how much we need. Otherwise digging our own graves wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The concept of 'TFG' was with me for the last 8-10 months and when I discussed it with a couple of friends they liked the idea very much but we couldn't manage time and confidence as our first video was a sort of failure (as we were not able to complete it due to some reasons). But this idea stuck very deep inside and I wanted to do it at any cost. And finally and again when I asked Joyel (my best buddy, well wisher, motivator, a believer in my ideas - net net all in one package) in October end, he promised to give his all support for this project. 

During this discussion, after 8-10 months, I knew one thing additionally that I am going to showcase it virtually on whatsApp space, which was never done before by any artist, by inviting people on a particular time and date for this kind of virtual showcasing, as far as my knowledge is concerned. So I designed this video for smart phone users. It served my two purposes. One, it is like the viewer is having a video game console in his hands and not able to control. Second, smart phones are best example for stating my purpose. I wanted an additional open discussion and feedback on the spot by viewers on this video within the group.   

Invitation Poster of 'TFG'

It took 7 continues days to make this video as me or Joyel were not very technically sound. I am happy the way I got the responses and the way the whole work was executed. I am thankful for my dear friend Joyel for his all support. I feel blessed for having such few friends who stands in all my ups and downs.      

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